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Aeronautical & space

Aeronautical and space - ADR

Today, ADR works with the biggest names in the aeronautical and space sectors.  

With its long experience on this market, ADR designs and manufactures technical solutions to meet the different requirements of these two markets.



Aeronautical equipment


ADR is present on the very demanding market of aeronautical equipment. The quality and development of low-cost solutions allow ADR to express its know-how at several levels:

  • Engines: pumps, fuel valves, various actuators, etc.;
  • Air conditioning systems;
  • landing gear;
  • Instruments panel and flight controls.


Space mechanisms


ADR has broad, state-of-the-art experience on the space mechanisms market. The company develops and proposes specific, tested and qualified solutions that meet the capacity requirements of launches and the constraints of low consumption with high operational reliability.

The technical solutions proposed take into account the objectives of these applications both in terms of the reduction of weight and overall dimensions while achieving exceptional levels of performance.

ADR is the leader in the following applications: 

  • Solar Array Drive Mechanism (SADM)
  • Rotating Instruments 
  • Reaction wheels
  • Antenna pointing mechanisms


Launchers & Space vehicles


ADR is a key player in the success of all the major space programmes worldwide.

The know-how of ADR is also expressed in the pumps, valves and actuators of the launchers and in the moving parts of various vehicles whether reusable or not. 




Recognised as the gyroscope expert, ADR designs specific solutions to satisfy the requirements of speed, precision, stability, cleanliness and sustainability of such systems.

ADR relies on strong skills in tribology, lubricant and solvent chemistry to offer a unique level of expertise in the field.


ADR in space



A recognized expertise

With more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing space mechanisms, ADR, in collaboration with ESA (European Space Agency) and ESTL (European Space Tribology Laboratory), is pleased to provide you a guide for installation and integration of high precision ball bearings for space mechanisms.

This guide is a comprehensive book on best practices in the selection, design, installation and preload bearings.

An abstract of this document is available for download on our website.

For the full guide, we thank you to send directly a request to our Head of Spatial Field (Jérôme BEARD) with your mailing address.

To receive the guide, please fill in the fields below:

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