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High precision ball bearings

High precision ball bearings - ADR

Thanks to its know-how, ADR currently offers 3 different ranges of ball bearings:


With dimensions ranging from a 1 mm bore diameterto a 330 mm external diameter, ADR ball bearings allow you to meet the most stringent technical standards while maintaining an exceptional level of performance.

Each product is developed to order and scrupulously respects the specifications of its customers in order to offer them the best solutions.

ADR and its ball bearings excel in many areas, thanks to their specific characteristics and their technical mastery. 

  • High speed and accurate rotation combined with an extremely low vibratory level. 
  • Low friction torque and long life span.
  • Control of the complete production process and preloading of the pairs of bearings.
  • Limitation of geometric faults and alignments as well as an increase in angular stiffness and a reduction of the overall dimensions through a "super duplex" version.
  • Use of specific materials adapted to each application: materials, specific or conventional steel, treatment, lubrication, balls, etc.



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All ADR products are custom-made

Thanks to our needs definition form, we can help you carry out your projects by offering you solutions adapted to the technical and environmental requirements that you can send us.

In order for our proposal to be as relevant as possible, please provide us with as much information as possible.

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