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Medical - ADR

The know-how and experience acquired by ADR in demanding environments allows it to offer custom-madesolutions whose effectiveness has been proven in many applications such as the medical sector. 



Medical imaging


Present in x-ray tubes, ADR products allow them to work in environments demanding speed, heat and vacuum technical requirements. These requirements are particularly high in the field of medical imaging.

ADR will offer technical solutions adapted to meet your problems while maintaining exceptional levels of performance. 




Thanks to technological progress, the emergence of exoskeletons is only a matter of time. The environments in which they will evolve may be very complex. Certain factors such as life span or the use of very specific materials will be necessary for their effective operation. 

Thanks to its high technology ball bearings, ADR is capable of proposing solutions to solve these different problems. 


Robotic surgery


Robotic surgery is a field demanding very high precision where the slightest error can have serious consequences. It is for this reason that the materials constituting the different machines must be able to satisfy the many specificities of the environment. 

ADR’s miniature ball bearings deliver exceptional performance by factoring in the different requirements of the environment like high precision or long life span.