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02 nov 2023

ADR at the French Space Days in India

ADR and our agent Mac Marketing at French Space Days in India

Monday 9 October marked the start of the French Space Days with the arrival of French astronaut Thomas Pesquet and the French delegation composed of 26 SMEs including ADR. The aim of this conclave was to boost the business and reinforce the collaboration between France and India. This event was the perfect opportunity to discuss new strategies and also network with the different actors from the Indian space industry.

India asserts more and more its space nation’s position, especially with the landing of the Chandrayaan-3 mission on the Moon then with the launch of the new mission Aditya L-1, currently en route to the Sun.

Nowadays, the Indian space market represents 2% of the market in the world, or 7 billion dollars.

With many projects such as Gaganyaan or NISAR, India is increasingly developing its interest for space research. Indeed, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) owns one of the largest fleets of communication (INSAT), remote sensing (IRS), navigation and scientific satellites. Since its founding, the ISRO has launched 432 satellites on behalf of 34 countries.

The French Space Agency CNES and ISRO have been partners for over 50 years. Currently there are over 500 companies involved in activities such as components’ production, including ADR.

20 oct 2023

ADR : Technology in Motion

Our CEO on the set of video show #Décryptage

Our CEO Thomas DUCCESCHI was interviewed on set of the BFM Business’s partner Scribeo.

At the heart of this exchange between Mr. DUCCESCHI and Stéphane PEDRAZZI, the video presenter: the innovation in the sector of ball bearings.

Click on the link on the right below to watch the interview.

05 oct 2023

ADR, from Miniature to Integrated Ball Bearings

ADR Ball Bearing ranges

ADR’s history began in 1925. Mister Beduneau, engineer and inventor, manufactured alone in his workshop miniature ball bearings mostly used in gyroscopes.

In 1964, the company ADR became a division of the giant SKF and dedicated one of its two factories to the manufacturing of instruments ball bearings. Here are some machine examples where ADR ball bearings could be found in the seventies: calculating machines, machines, fans, household appliances, potentiometers, oscillographs, etc.

At the end of the 1970s, ADR specialized in high precision ball bearings and developed new series with stainless steel and small sections. The company began to work for major clients and extended its ranges of annular ball bearings.

In 2004, ADR joined the ALCEN group and started to develop technological synergies for high-tech markets. After a vast workshop expansion, including the opening of a grinding workshop and the installation of two new cleanrooms in 2010, ADR started manufacturing new products.

Thanks to ADR/Customer collaborations, the company designs new subsystems such as electromechanical actuators, the 3-axis positioners and servomotors which meets new technological requirements. The X-SPACE range, intended for space projects launched in 2021. This new range of integrated ball bearings was conceived to provide reliability, accuracy and performance in difficult environments with extreme temperature, void, etc. in which the bearings operate. Indeed, once a spacecraft is launched into space, it is technically impossible to carry out maintenance or repair on potentially defective parts.

Nowadays, ADR is expanding further its range of thin-section ball bearings with new diameters available, for example the 420 mm. The goal being to develop new diameters up to 450 mm. These ball bearings have been developed primarily for new projects related to the defense and security markets.

11 sep 2023

ADR Ball Bearings aboard the Chandrayaan-3 mission

Pragyan Rover photo ISRO

A couple of weeks ago, India became the first country to land a space probe near the lunar south pole.

Chandrayaan-3, India’s third lunar exploration mission successfully landed on the 23rd of August. Launched on the 14th of July, from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, this mission’s goals are to demonstrate safe and soft landing on lunar terrain, explore the moon’s surface thanks to a rover and to conduct scientific experiments.

Prior to the landing, the mission sequence was divided in three phases:

  • Earth centric phase
  • Lunar transfer phase
  • Moon centric phase

ADR and our agent Mac Marketing were proud to take part in this mission. Indeed, ball bearings manufactured in our workshop were aboard the launcher, satellite and rover.

This achievement shows that with determination and dedicated teams, we can accomplish anything.

22 aug 2023

New Tool Available: The Bearing Generator

New Tool Available Picture Ball Bearing 3D

A new tool is available on our website, the Bearing Generator. Allowing you to generate a combination of ball bearings which could potentially suit your needs. By entering your specifications (dimensions), the system will generate a list of ball bearings.

The tool adapts the list according to two parameters: dimensions (mm) and static capacities (N). Once the list is generated, it can be printed. Moreover, you can contact our team of sales engineers by submitting a request, or download our leaflets. The Bearing Generator allows you to view a selection of ball bearings which could correspond to your needs in a few clicks.

11 jul 2023

ADR Summer Closure 2023

ADR Summer Closure 2023 photo

Please note that ADR will be closed from Monday 31 July to Sunday 20 August 2023.

30 jun 2023

Imminent launch for the space telescope Euclid

Picture space telescope Euclid

Equipped with ball bearings designed and manufactured by ADR, the new space telescope Euclid from the European Space Agency (ESA) will be launched this Saturday 1st of July, aboard a SpaceX rocket ship. The launch is scheduled for the end of Saturday’s afternoon from Cape Canaveral base, Florida.

The Falcon 9 rocket ship will have to complete a several-week journey, before attaining its final destination. The new telescope should be operational next autumn.

The main objective: draw a 3D map allowing the trackability of the Universe’s expansion as well as retrace the last billion years.

The understanding of the dark matter and dark energy, is at the heart of all Scientifics’ preoccupations.

05 jun 2023

ADR at the Paris Air Show 2023

ADR at the Paris Air Show 2023

ADR will be exhibiting at the Paris Air Show 2023, located at the Le Bourget Parc des Expositions, with co-sister companies TRONICO and LERITY.

This 54th edition is coming back after a three-year long break, due to the pandemic. The first four days will be reserved for professionals whereas the last three days will be open to the general public.

Our teams look forward to meeting you in Hall 2, stand G137, from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd  June 2023.