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Sub-systems - ADR

ADR has developed equipment and sub-systems such as servomotors, motorised bearings and positioners to meet new technological requirements. ADR provides a complete electromechanical function based on expertise and experience going back more than 25 years in the high precision fields.


3-Axis Positioners in Carbon Composite (G3AC)


The carbon composite positioner has been developed for the new defence and aeronautics telecommunications markets that demand high positioning accuracy and stable mechanical behaviour in time. This positioner brings the following benefits: 

  • A significant reduction of mass by the use of carbon composite parts certified for aeronautical use; 
  • A positioning on 3 axes which allows high mobility of the antenna and continuous scanning of the pointing zone;
  • A reduced and compact overall dimensions by the integration of small section ball bearings close to the axis;
  • A reduction of pointing defects through precise axis production;
  • Maintenance and precise positioning of a 5 kg payload. On request, ADR may adapt the architecture according to the mass.


Servomotors and Motorised Bearings


The range of servomotor and motorised bearingshas been designed with the aim of reducing mass and overall dimensionsas well as achieving high rigidity of the shaft. Servomotors have very high angular precision and can evolve in demanding mechanical and vibratory environments.  

The servomotor and the motorised bearingsbring the following benefits:

  • A hollow shaft for central routing of equipment and connections;
  • A high precision angular position sensor which is integrated into the servomotor range;
  • Motorised bearings architecture and flat, compact, so-called pancake-shaped servomotor;  
  • High axis velocity thanks to its direct drive architecture and low inertia; 
  • High torque and high reliability are delivered by the Brushless motor.


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