Energy - ADR

With its experience in the energy sector, ADR has been able to develop products to meet the different constraints imposed by this environment.

Today, ADR is present in three types of energy, each with their own specificities.

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With more than 90 years’ experience in highly complex environments, ADR offers solutions for rotating mechanisms adapted to the issues imposed by the nuclear industry.

The different ADR products are particularly adapted to the radioactive environments to which are added seismic constraints, very high temperatures as well as high moisture rates.

Nuclear ball bearing - ADR

Oil & Gas

In these very specific environments, ADR has developed innovative technical solutions to deal with various issues such as work in very corrosive and polluted areas subjected to high pressure.

ADR meets all these requirements by offering high precision products with a long life span, made of special stainless materials.

Oil & Gas ball bearing - ADR


Present in various hydraulic pumps, ADR products are suitable for operation in environments where the technical requirements of speed, sustainability and accuracy are mandatory. 

The technology developed complies with requirements and achieves an exceptional level of performance.

Hydraulics ball bearings - ADR

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